The Personal and Professional Internet Presence of Morgan T. Doocy


2 Selected Works

2.1 Professional Works

Following are a selection of recent projects that I particularly enjoyed, ranging from larger Ajax-heavy websites incorporating HTML5 DOM enhancements to smaller pedagogical exercises developed during my time teaching.

For access to 🔐 restricted samples, please contact .

Course Website, UW iSchool INFO 343 / 344

Ajax navigation–based site for web programming courses developed and taught by myself. Features: XML/XPath-based calendar and assignment turnin system (the latter using the new Files API and incorporating an anonymous survey & feedback system), pushState, and a fun 2.5D parallax effect using CSS3 transitions & transforms.

INFO 343/344 course website
Course website, UW iSchool INFO 343, Autumn 2012. View source

تمرين (Tamreen) (n., Exercise, practice, drill.)

Arabic-language flashcard study tool incorporating vocabulary from Alif Baa and Al-Kitaab Arabic-language textbooks, using then-new CSS3 transitions and transforms for a richer, more physical user experience.

Features filters for part-of-speech and textbook chapter, variable prompting language for two-way practice (English only, Arabic only, or an adjustable mixture of both), as well as features geared toward “weaning” from Arabic’s vocalization marks (which are absent in almost all text, but indicate correct pronunciation).

Tamreen flashcard with translation and transliteration on reverse Tamreen configuration options
“Tamreen” Arabic-language flashcard tool.

Fixr 🔐 restricted

A simple, pedagogical homework assignment given to students of INFO 344 Spring 2013, designed to illustrate simple web app development using jQuery Mobile, the Google Maps API, and the Yelp API (using JSONP), with relatively little code.

The app is based on the idea of “getting one’s fix” — i.e., performing a one-tap Yelp API search for any one of several custom searches the user frequently performs (examples: Thai food near my location, or beer bars in Capitol Hill).

“Fixr”: What’s your fix? “Fixr”: Beer in Capitol Hill “Fixr”: Quinn’s
“Fixr” homework assignment. View source 🔐 restricted

Taxr: History of U.S. Income Tax Brackets Interactive Infographic

Homework assignment developed for, but not ultimately assigned to, students of INFO 343 Autumn 2012, focusing on Ajax, XML-DOM, and DOM injection.

I had a lot of fun writing this, even though the final product ended up being too difficult to assign (as well as having slightly too little “interesting and informative” bang for the buck).

Screenshot of ‘Taxr’ webpage
Taxr: History of U.S. Income Tax Brackets Interactive Infographic. View source